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This is the new hardback edition of POEMS by Francis Ledwidge published by Gallery Press in conjunction with the Francis Ledwidge Museum Committee. It is edited by Peter Fallon with introductions by Lord Dunsany. This book is also available in paperback at €19. Prices include P&P.


€ 19 

This is the new paperback edition of POEMS by Francis Ledwidge, published by Gallery Press in conjunction with the Francis Ledwidge Museum Committee. It is edited by Peter Fallon with introductions by Lord Dunsany. This book is also available in hardpack priced at €27.50. Prices include P&P.

Soldier's Heart

€ 17 

SOLDIER’S HEART - Francis Ledwidge at War For the first time, a book has been written about the poet Francis Ledwidge’s experience as a soldier during World War I. The author is his grand-nephew Dr Frank Ledwidge, Barrister, and former military officer with the British Army. He describes and follows Francis Ledwidge’s life during the Great War. Frank, like his grand uncle also served in the Balkans. He describes his experience when on ‘peacekeeping’ mission in Kosova when conditions were similar to what Francis Ledwidge described when writing the poem ‘When Love And Beauty Wander Away’ in 1915. ‘Soldier’s Heart – Francis Ledwidge at War is an important and timely reminder of how war happens and its terrible cost. Frank Ledwidge has produced a unique testament to his great uncle’s life, ‘ a soldier amongst soldiers’; moving, detailed and revealing of the poet’s final years in WWI, Soldier’s Heart is essential reading…’ Gerald Dawe – Author, Of War and War’s Alarms (2015) Fellow Emeritus, Trinity College Dublin ( price includes posting and packaging ) The Kindle edition is available on

FRANCIS LEDWIDGE A life of the Poet

€ 20 

Alice Curtayne published her acclaimed biography of the poet in 1972 detailing the remarkable life, loves and tragic death of this exceptionally gifted Irish poet and also offers a remarkable insight into the life and politics of Ireland at the turn of the twentieth century. ( price includes postage and packaging )

A Bittern Cry

€ 25 

A beautiful hardback book published jointly by Poetry Ireland, Meath Co. Council and the Francis Ledwidge Museum edited by Tom French with an introduction by Gerald Dawe and contributions from 18 other authors with Ledwidge as their subject matter.

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A Little Book of Ledwidge

€ 15 

John Quinn illuminates the many facets of Francis Ledwidge's personality both as poet and war hero and includes snapshots from Ledwidge's brother Joe, patron Lord Dunsany and a moving assessment by Seamus Heaney, who invites the reader to embrace the legacy of ' a tender, beautiful figure, walking in a mist of melancholy '. ( price includes postage and packaging )

A Blackbird singing

€ 15 

A CD consisting of a selection of 41 poems by Francis Ledwidge contemplating different themes in his life...remembering home...seasons...friends and and loss...1916...and war.

The poems beautifully recited by Frances Mulley

from Belfast.

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Selected Poems

€ 20 

This is a beautiful book (hardback copy) with Dermot Bolger's personal selection of Francis Ledwidge Poems. The poems are grouped as published in their original three volumes, Songs of the Fields, Songs of Peace, and Last Songs.

Dermot Bolger also writes about his own personal journey in search of Francis ledwidge in Afterword titled Milestone to Monument and not forgeting the wonderful Seamus Heaney introduction at the begining of the book.


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World War 1 Battlefields Tour Flanders and the Somme

€ 15 

To commemorate the centenary of Francis Ledwidge's death a group of 50 people visited his grave and the Battlefields of the Somme. This is a video diary of the main events and features a number of Francis ledwidge's poems read out at various points on the trip. The main locations visited were Passchendale Memorial Museum, the Menin Gate, Guillemont, Thiepval memorial, Tyne Cot Cemetery and Artillery Wood Cemetery - Ledwidge's final resting place. ( price includes posting and packaging )

The Ledwidge Papers

€ 20 

Proceedings of the Centenary Seminar at Slane Castle, County Meath, 14th October 2017 with contributions from Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Lucy Collins, Jim Haughey, Terry Phillips, Nerys Williams, Myles Dungan, Phillip Orr, Frank Ledwidge, Peter Fallon, Gerard Smyth, Fran Brearton, Tom French and Gerald Dawe. All talks and lectures from the above mentioned contributors are published in this beautiful hardback book. ( price includes postage and packaging )

Legends and Stories of the Boyne Side

€ 12.50 

The Boyne and it's Origin  Chapter 1

I'll sing to-night of a fairy land

In the lap of the Ocean set....

These are the first lines of the one and only book of prose by Francis Ledwidge.

It took nearly 40 years to bring this book from loose staves of unfinished newsprint pages to the book as it now is and was officially launched in the Museum gardens at Janeville ,Slane, on the 100th Anniversary of the poet's birthday 19th Aug. 2017.

A must buy for all Ledwidge fans. 

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The Unreturned Army

€ 27 

This hardcover book is a complete accurate record of all casualties in the First World War from County Louth in Ireland. Depicted also are photos and newspaper publications of the deaths, and an inventory of the War graves and Cenotaphs, including the Drogheda War Memorial which has Francis Ledwidge's name engraved on it.

Written by Donal Hall


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A Blackbird Singing

€ 15 

This CD is a celebration of the poet Francis Ledwidge by Lyric Soprano Louise Martyn. The repertoire has a large content of Ledwidge poetry set to music by Michael Head, Ivor Gurney and Michael Holohan. The theme of the album is commemoration. The songs include themes of love, loss, home sickness, death and new life. Louise is from Slane, Co. Meath and has a great interest in the poetry of Francis Ledwidge. ( price includes postage and packaging )

Poet of the Blackbird

€ 7 

This booklet has various essays and contributions from people in the Slane area on Francis Ledwidge.

Vivian Igoe, broadcaster and novelist, gives her view on the story of Ledwidge and Pearl Baxter (niece of Ellie Vaughey, the great love of Francis Ledwidge) gives us a comprehensive history on the purchase and restoration of the Francis Ledwidge Cottage(now Museum)


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The full title of this booklet is Appreciation Francis Ledwidge-Who fought in Another Man's War.


Alice Curtayne writes an essay on the story of Francis Ledwidge.


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