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A Blackbird singing

€ 20 

A CD consisting of a selection of 41 poems by Francis Ledwidge contemplating different themes in his life...remembering home...seasons...friends and and loss...1916...and war.

The poems beautifully recited byFrancis Mulley from Belfast.Price includes Postage and packaging.  





Complete Poems

€ 15 

The poet lived to see only one volume of his poetry published; Songs of the FIelds. His second volume, Songs of Peace was published after his death in 1917and a third volume, Last Songs, was published in 1918. All three books were published as his Complete Poems in 1919. 

This new edition of Comlete Poems is edited by his biographer Alice Curtayne and an additional 45 poems are added making a total of 167 poems. All his best works are included in this volume.

Edited by Alice Curtayne


A life of the Poet

€ 15 

Alice Curtayne was both a novelist and historian. It is, however, for collecting and preserving so much of the poetry of Francis Ledwidge that she is most remembered and cherished today.

This bioghraphy, the result of 8 years of meticulous, details the remarkable life, love's and tragic death of a gifted Irish poet.

Wriiten by Alice Curtayne (with an introduction by Jennifer Johnston)

This edition published by New Island Books


Selected Poems

€ 19 

This is a beautiful book (hardback copy) with Dermot Bolger's personal selection of Francis Ledwidge Poems. The poems are grouped as published in their original three volumes, Songs of the Fields, Songs of Peace, and Last Songs.

Dermot Bolger also writes about his own personal journey in search of Francis ledwidge in Afterword titled Milestone to Monument and not forgeting the wonderful Seamus Heaney introduction at the begining of the book.


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Anthem for Doomed Youth

€ 21 

Twelve soldier poets of the First World War including Francis Ledwidge,Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, Edmund Blunden, and Ivor Gurney. This book celebrates the strength and greatness of the best war poetry written by soldiers serving in the trenches and movingly blends poems with commentary and documents.

Written by Jon Stallworthy



The Unreturned Army

€ 25 

This book is a complete accurate record of all casualties in the First World War from County Louth in Ireland. Depicted also are photos and newspaper publications of the deaths, and an inventory of the War graves and Cenotaphs, including the Drogheda War Memorial which has Francis Ledwidge's name engraved on it.

Written by Donal Hall


The Minstrel Boy

€ 29 

This hardback book (264) pages tells the story of Francis Ledwidge and the literature of his time reflecting on John Millington Synge, Geroge (AE) Russell, WB Yeats, James Stephens, Oliver St John Gogarty and Lord Dunsany, the patron of Francis Ledwidge.

The book contains 6 previously unpublished poems by Francis Ledwidge.

Written by Hubert Dunn


The River Boyne

€ 35 

640 pages of legends,history,and lore-magnificent photos and detailed maps-this book is a must buy for lovers of the Boyne, beautifully edited by Anthony Holten.

Price includes Postage and Packaging, 

Poet of the Blackbird

€ 6 

This booklet has various essays and contributions from people in the Slane area on Francis Ledwidge.

Vivian Igoe, broadcaster and novelist, gives her view on the story of Ledwidge and Pearl Baxter (niece of Ellie Vaughey, the great love of Francis Ledwidge) gives us a comprehensive history on the purchase and restoration of the Francis Ledwidge Cottage(now Museum)



€ 6 

The full title of this booklet is Appreciation Francis Ledwidge-Who fought in Another Man's War.


Alice Curtayne writes an essay on the story of Francis Ledwidge.


Francis Ledwidge Museum, Janeville, Slane, Co.Meath, Ireland   Tel: +353 41 9824974