Slane Hill (pack of 5 cards)

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Photo of Slane Hill with text on the inside:-

You are in Meath now,I suppose. If you go to Tara, go to Rath na Ri and look all around you from the hills of Drumcondrath in the the north to the plains of Enfield in the south, where Allen Bog begins, and remember me to every hill and wood and ruin, for my heart is there. If it is a clear day you will see Slane Hill blue and distant. Say I will come back again surely........

(Extract from a letter written by Francis Ledwidge to his friend and fellow poet Katherine Tynan on 19th June 1917)

Greeting on the opposite page reads:-

Wishing you peace and joy at Christmas and happiness through all the coming year

(price include packaging and postage and each card measures 5" by 7")


House of gold ( pack of 5 cards )

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This poem was sent to Alice Curtayne from the Jesuit Fathers in London in the 1960's when she was researching her book:-

  Francis  Ledwidge-A life of the Poet 

The poem was in the collection of papers belonging to the late Fr. Charles Henry Devas S.J. D.S.O. Francis Ledwidge knew him in Gallilpoli and again on the Western Front as Fr. Devas was a serving Battalion Chaplin. It is a sublime poem. Greeting on inside is:-

       Wishing you peace and joy

                   at Christmas          

        and happiness through all

                 the coming year

(price includes packaging and postage and each card is 5"by 7")

                HOUSE OF GOLD

 I will go to the House of Gold, I said,

And the Queen whom the stars have made a crown.

At her footstool  made of the thin new moon

I will kneel for alms of the Royal Bread.

And so, I sought when the lights were shed

On the lures of the loud tumultuous Town.

But no Gold House shone up or down

And the streets grew dark and full of dread.

So I sought no more for the House of Gold

But turned to the hovels poor and mean,

When sudden trumpets divided the night,

And I saw where only a star showed light

The House of Gold and the star-crowned Queen

And the Lamb of God in a shepherd’s fold.


Francis E Ledwidge.


Words of Christmas Praise (pack of 5 cards)

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Inside of card reads:

Copy of original christmas Card sent by Francis Ledwidge to his friend Matt McGoona from the Western Front during WW 1

It has a greeting to Matt in the poet's handwriting and also his signature.

 Opposite page reads;

Best Wishes for the Festive Season

(Price includes packaging and postage)